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B2B wholesale marketplace serves as a platform, that connects wholesale suppliers with bulk buyers in different industries. Its main idea is to automate selling and buying in B2B field, improve customer experience and make the whole process easy and transparent. It still has a lot of space for improvement, especially when it comes to managing the process and keeping all the important information in one place. WordPress is becoming popular to meet the needs of B2B suppliers. Most B2B wholesalers offer different pricing structures, minimum order requirements, customer-specific product catalogs, and/or payment terms to different customers based on factors such as purchase volume, frequency, and their relationships.

Restricted Access

Most B2B wholesalers want pricing and product selection to vary depending on the buyer. In addition, they don't want visitors who aren't wholesale customers to see the pricing information. The eCommerce platform needs the ability to restrict access to certain product and pricing information, limiting it to verified customers in a logged-in state and blocking purchases from unregistered users. This makes your website secure and helps build trust.

Easy Order Management

Most B2B buyers come to your eCommerce platform to get things done, not to have a browsing experience. If your customers know exactly what they need to order, a SKU-based order form can save them a lot of time. Instead of searching or browsing products one-by-one, they can enter the SKUs and quantity of all the items they need in one single form and get to the checkout with just one click of a button. The order forms made simple could save lot of time for the buyers, who will keep coming for more.

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Easy Reorders

Most B2B buyers need to make recurring purchases of the same items. Streamline the reordering process with a past purchase list, accessible on the account section, from which customers can reorder the items with just a few clicks of the mouse. In addition, some buyers prefer to build an order over time. Allow them to save the collection of products they plan on purchasing so they can add and remove items until they're ready to submit the order.

Flexible Payments

B2B customers prefer to make their purchases with payment methods that can better cater to their cash flow and financial structure. As such, credit card only accounts for 10% of B2B transactions while extended credit makes up 40% of all B2B transactions. The lack of payment options may prevent potential customers from doing business with you. Your eCommerce platform should offer a variety of payment options, such as purchase order, credit cards, online credit management, etc.

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Our Process

We follow a step-by-step approach from start to end of the project. The steps we follow are highlighted here to explain the process in detail.

Step 1


The first step is to understand the client’s business needs. We analyse the requirements and create a plan to implement the project.

Step 2


Our team of creative designers create a design based on the client’s preferred colour choices and the company’s branding guidelines.

Step 3


After the design is ready and approved by the client, we work on the development where all the features are implemented.

Step 4


After successful testing, we work on deploying the project on the live environment. The website is now live for public access.

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Been using them for years and cannot complain about anything really. Good designers and very quick response and action time. They play a very important part in the success of our businesses.

Jackson PereiraBusiness Owner, London.

Excellent experience working with Sniro. Very professional, attentive, detail-oriented and affordable. Highly recommend for any web-related services.

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Sniro is a first-class wordpress agency that bends over backward to help clients succeed. Their programmers understand the technology and they can solve every problem.

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I am an Australian client, and long term customer of Sniro Ltd. I am thrilled with their IT skills and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who is looking for quick and proficient service.

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