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Rest API

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It describes an HTTP-based style of building APIs that is lightweight, suitable for high data volume, highly compatible and user friendly. WordPress REST API is a connector between WordPress and other software applications which is characterised by universality and high compatibility. The REST API is a game changer because it transforms WordPress from a Content Management System (CMS) into a data framework.

Client server

RESTful APIs are built using the architecture such that the client and the server remain separate from one another. That way they can continue to develop on their own and can be used independently. A client sends an HTTP request to a server and the server sends an HTTP response back.


REST APIs must follow a stateless protocol. In other words, they can't store any information about the client on the server. The client's request should include all the necessary data upfront and the response should provide everything the client needs. This makes each interaction a one and done deal, reduces both memory requirements and the potential for errors.


A cache is the temporary storage of specific data, so it can be retrieved and sent faster. RESTful APIs make use of cacheable data whenever possible, to improve speed and efficiency. In addition, the API needs to let the client know if each piece of data can and should be cached.

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