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Optimising the speed of your Magento server is very important as speed allows your customers to have the best user experience possible while shopping in your eCommerce store. Another important value for Magento Performance Optimisation is for your Google Rank, which is adversely affected by any slowness with your site. Page speed is also one of the biggest killers of Online Revenue. Studies show that 42% of consumers will abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Magento which is one of the most robust ecommerce platform to date has many advantages but its heavy-weight structure is known to carry some performance challenges. To minimize your risks of having a slow loading site, you need to optimize your Magento site on a regular basis and most of all to perform initially the needed action for it to function properly.

Server environment

If you are in the process of launching a new store and are looking at hosting options for your Magento store, the first step towards optimising Magento performance should be to find a good server, which is suitable for Magento. Choose a server which can handle the load of traffic and concurrent users you are expecting to have also at pick hours. Implementing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with Magento is one of the easiest ways to instantly see decreased load times. By doing this, you will ensure you are serving your assets (product images, javascript, CSS) from multiple locations around the globe so they are delivered faster to your shoppers.


Cache is kind of a storage that keeps information about web pages on the Internet. For example, once you enter a desired webpage, the browser remembers files you had access to while viewing that page. Next time you come back and visit the same page, your browser will pull the same files from cache instead pulling them out of the original server. In other words, caching helps in storing user's activity, while the user is on a particular web page. Magento allows users to enable caching by various ways such as browser caching, magneto cache, Redis, varnish, etc.

Image Optimisation

High quality images are often used on Magento stores to encourage user's engagement. However, heavy images can lower your site's loading speed and therefore you need to compress them before uploading on your site. On an average, 56% of a website's page weight is made up of images. Optimizing your images can dramatically increase the speed of your pages. Scale your images to the required size before you upload them to your site.

Code Optimisation

Examine and identify the bottle necks in your code both front- and back-end. Enabling compression is like putting your website into a zip file. Compression can dramatically reduce your page's size and thereby increase its speed. Gzip compresses web pages and stylesheets at the server level before sending them over to the browser. Use a PHP accelerator like Zend and uninstall unnecessary PHP or Apache modules you don't need or use. Improve your database performance using query indexing and broad optimization scripts. Merge your JavaScript and CSS files as this will reduce the load time dramatically since its loading only one merged file instead of numerous JS and CSS files across your Magento store.

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