Companies whether big or small should have a Facebook presence in the current times of social media marketing. In this article we would provide you some key pointers on coming up with a successful Facebook marketing strategy.

Segmentation: As in the traditional marketing, even in online marketing, Segmentation has a major rule to play. It is definitely of great use to ensure that your marketing activities and promotions reach to your target audience. Facebook provides different ways by which we can do segmentation. This allows us to directly reach out to the population of our choice thus making advertising and promotions more effective. By accurate segmentation, one can reach out to the relevant people. People who would want to know about your product or service or promotion or offer. One way to ensure that your message reaches your focus group, it is a good idea to come up with multiple advertisements and then test them to find the one most successful.

Optimization: Just identifying the right audience does not guarantee success. It is important to ensure that the right story or message is conveyed. Once the right target market is identified then you have to come up with the right message packaged interestingly so as to get your audience to read the story. When you come to think of it, there are many advertisements in diverse mediums such as television, print, Internet,etc. But how many of these would be actually remembered or even better lead to a particular product being bought. The idea is to come up with messages and ads which capture the interest of your target market and motivate them to act. There are some points to remember while making the ads, they are as given below:

  • Pay attention to grammar, punctuation and spellings
  • Have an attractive image which represents your service or product
  • Be realistic
  • Have a call to action and provoke the visitor to act
  • Keep a tab on your competition and their strategies

Campaign planning and scheduling: Remember that in most of the cases the results of your campaign are dependent on the day that you run them. There is substantial difference in the results to be expected on weekday as against a weekend. Also the time when the ad has been released too makes a lot of difference. So depending on the campaign you are planning, ensure that you do a pilot campaign on different days and times and measure your results. This would help you come up with the right scheduling scheme for your ad campaign.

Budget planning and managing: As per Facebook it is not a great idea to strategize that the advertisements which give maximum number of clicks on a day with maximum bid amount. The maximum bid should what is actually affordable by you per click. Hence advertising budget optimization should be done with an eye on the daily budget. It should be remembered that people who are excessively on Facebook do not necessarily mean the right audience.

Measuring and monitoring the results: As in any field even in Facebook marketing it is important to monitor and measure your campaign and its results. This is important to understand the ROI. It is a good idea to invest in a conversion tracking service so as to measure each advertisement’s success.There are many tools available online for conversion tracking. Invest in one which is providing good analytics and analysis. This would make your job of designing effective Facebook marketing strategies much easier. At the end of the day it is important to experiment, observe, measure and analyse. By doing this you can not only reach your target audience but also get them to act on your product or service favourably.

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