Effects on branding, link acquisition and search ranking

Press releases are a mode of marketing which take only a few hours to write but have a great influence on building the brand of the company or its products and services. It is the perfect medium to make people aware about a new product or service offered. Generally as we go through newspapers and magazines we find some companies getting free publicity while others finding it difficult to get their customers to know about their product.

Do you know why? It is because top companies are familiar with the advantages to be gained from press releases and utilize them to promote their products. There are a number of books available which can help us to craft a winning press release from scratch. But ideally it might be a better idea to use any of the press release service providers as they are experienced in the dos and don’ts of writing press releases.

The information that we provide through the press release should be in line with the date of release of product in the market, details of the manufacturing and other pertinent information. After writing press release, it is very important that we select the best running local newspapers or online sites which are focussed in the vertical that our service or product is in so as to reach out to our target segment. Before sending the write up to the newsagency it is better to get it reviewed by an experienced editor. By doing this, the article is cross checked and any new or vital information that has been missed can be added. In some cases it might be a great idea to share the press release not only through the print and online media but also share it as a newsletter via email.

Press release is a very important part of web marketing. Online marketing came to existence in the 21st century. It was initially extensively used by the small and large companies. While publishing your press release on your website, it is a good idea to publish the press release on the main page itself. By doing this the visitor can directly see the latest information without having to browse the website. The visitors who read the press release will be interested to gain more information on the product or service and in fact might be eagerly waiting for the day of launch.

In the press releases it would be good if we provide back links. This might be a difficult job to do on a regular basis but it is necessary. Back links ensure that the company’s details rank high in the search results. There are many sites which publish the press release for a small fee and some provide this service at a discount too. This can be utilised and the press release can be published online for the product or service launch or any other company related information without having to spend too much of the marketing budget. With this access to global markets and viewers at a very low price, the online marketing is a much better option than the television and print media. Another key advantage with the online marketing is that we can respond to the customers immediately without any delay further to the press release. This helps in gaining valuable viewership from the target segment. We can even respond to the critiques faster. If the press release is well written it can bring large number of prospective customers. The backlinks created can also boost the company’s SEO efforts.

Optimised press release ranks higher on search engines, similar to online post about the product.

Press releases also have a great power in improving the brand image of the product, service or the company itself.. It is one of the simplest ways by which a company can enhance the brand image without having to spend too much of the marketing dollars. They are one of the best mediums to showcase a new product and explain how it can help the customer. It is good if we define the product in our blog marketing and add details about the brand growth. Another major advantage of press release is that, it protects the brand by giving a voice online. Similarly if there is any negative talk about the brand one can address it immediately through a suitably written press release.

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